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Lane Change - Unsafe

Location: Rochester, NY, US

Vehicle: Silver/Gray Newer Model Toyota

License: 130 NY

Alleged Details: There are three through lanes on St. Paul St. in Rochester going over the Inner Loop through to just before Main straight. A fourth Lane starts AFTER Andrews street on the right. This wonderful person (as so many do) went from the middle lane over the Inner Loop to the right lane on the other side. Well, at least he tried, but since I was there, he decided to lay on his horn for 3-4 minutes. I rolled down my window and told him (maybe not nicely) that there were three lanes, and I was in the right and stayed in the right. He shortly got a head of me and tried to cut me off at any intersection after that, not that I was trying to get ahead of him. He pulled into Monroe Community Hospital.

This alleged offense occured on St. Paul St at Inner Loop while travelling in the South direction, on Friday 24 Oct 08 at 07:30 AM

This alleged offense reported by: sflesch

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