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Road Rage - Swearing/Hand Gestures/Excessive Horn Honking

Location: Ogden, UT, US

Vehicle: Red Newer Model Chevrolet Colorado LS

License: 666 VTN UT

Alleged Details: Driver was heading eastbound on 12th with green chevy behind him flashing lights at him. Driver kept looking in rear view mirror instead of paying attention to traffic and nearly rear ended another driver. He then decided that the green chevy behind caused the accident and intentionally slowed to anger driver of green chevy even more. Chevy pulled into left lane to pass and a--hole decided to floor it to disallow him to pass. Green chevy was able to get ahead of him and a--hole decided that he would start tailgating him and flash his lights back at him. If someone is flashing their lights at you DO NOT SLOW DOWN TO PROVOKE THEM!!! You not only are risking this other drivers safety for doing whatever you did to anger him in the first place and tailgating him, you also nearly rear-ended another car as you kept gazing in the rear view mirror at the light show behind you. In stead of retaliating against people who would have the nerve to stand up to you, why won't you learn how to drive?

This alleged offense occured on 12th St at 900 W? while travelling in the East direction, on Thursday 23 Oct 08 at 04:00 PM

This alleged offense reported by: djackson

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